What Is 'Best Cultural-Fit'?

What do we mean by ‘Best Cultural-Fit’?. We do not rate the standard measures of skills, experience, attributes and core competencies as the key performance criteria.
Sadly, most do and chase technichal ability over intrinsic business nous.

We do of course see these measures as absolutely critical to success but they are in our view, the minimum benchmark and you should set these as your mandatory
minimum only.

We view 'Best Cultural-Fit' as the discerning characteristics to provide a significantly positive difference.

'Best Cultural-Fit'means that if you look around any organisation, you will find a number of professionals quite capable of performing any role, project, function or activity,
to a greater or lesser extent.

Of that group, there will usually be only one, capable of managing the function or activity far better than the others; and it always stands out by their testing in 'Best Cultural-Fit' responses
– that’s who we target for your role.

This area of determining 'Best Cultural-Fit' is the area we put very high energy into during our searches, and we have a very solid tested methodology to discover this value and deliver those
we rate as possessing it over the rest .

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