Sourcing Professionals for the best 'Cultural-Fit'.

FloydAubrey Consulting Group, is delighted to be considered to provide professional executive search, consulting and recruitment services to your firm.

We 'take it as read', that any professional search, consulting and recruitment service provider will have effective processes in place to search, find screen and present skilled and experienced people, and no doubt, you expect such providers to be able to service your organisation's varied human resource requirements.

This is the focus and thrust of our point of difference. Our consultants come from industry and management streams and provide us with a unique ability to effectively manage any brief. They are specifically trained in best 'Cultural-Fit' screening

"The Only Professional Way To Recruit For Our Clients"!

'We know it's not the mere technical ability to do the job that's important; this is a given; the most important thing is how you do it; and that's assessed with our best 'Cultural-Fit' screening.

Applied Screening -Not 'If the job can be done, but how the job can be done'.

Do your recruiters test how candidates would actually do the job in your organisaional culture and specific business environment? With each recruitment brief, you should receive a 'Review and Recommendation' on this issue, it's called 'Screening For the best 'Cultural-Fit' and it can be effectively tested.


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